Dreams Empowered By
Technology & Justice

PipeDreamers Technology is guided by the commitment and advocacy of justice impacted families, community leaders,
researchers, lawyers,  law enforcement personnel, technologists, elected officials, and youth
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Technology 4 Justice
PipeDreamers uses advances in data analytics and consumer technology to intelligently match youth with mentors, rehabilitative programming, educational and professional opportunities, community resources, and social services

Powerful Features

Intelligent Matching

We identify the local resources, services, and youth advocates who will best serve the educational, professional, and well-being goals of your community’s youth

Rewards Driven

Earn prizes, rewards, and tokens for every action taken on PipeDreamers platform to purchase and share digital or physical items from our corporate sponsors

Connect With A Mentor And Build Your Future

Ask for advice or guidance about anything at anytime and get connected with the best resources in your local community

Send a request to your favorite mentor and invite them to the PipeDreamers platform to connect with you and your support team

Build your own team of supporters that can help you achieve your dreams

Mobile First

PipeDreamers is built for our mobile first generation with native iOS and Android features to increase connectivity, convenience, and collaboration
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    Engineering Opportunity at Scale

Easily manage all of your opportunities and important connections
Productivity Tools
Educational & Employment Portals
Secure Data & Privacy Protections

Innovative Impact

PipeDreamers embraces a bold future where any human regardless of socioeconomic status can benefit from technological innovation to access and leverage the services and resources necessary to maximize their full potential in life
Platform Usability
With intuitive designs and a friendly user interface, the PipeDreamers platform is built for youth of all educational and cultural backgrounds
Community Driven
PipeDreamers is rooted in the belief that a community’s greatest assets are derived from its members and that their collective knowledge will lead to outcomes that are culturally responsive to the advancement of its most youthful members
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Join The PipeDreamers Platform

Become a mentor or resource and contribute to the future of your community’s aspiring youth